Podocarpus Tree

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Plantworks has used UV Rated Polyblend® materials for over 20 years. In recent years, UV Rated Polyblend® components have been used to create complete landscapes, key permanent property accents and replica topiary plant forms. The manufacturing of architectural elements replicating natural landscaping began when major projects had design requirements that live plants could not achieve.


Polyblend® is a polymer and by definition is a blend of PVC type of high density plastics similar to PVC pipes and automobile body parts. The UV Rated product components are spun and pressure molded. This process forces all air out of the component pieces and causes their color to be part of the entire finished piece. All foliage and flower components have steel spine reinforcements molded into them. All Polyblend® components are not only fade proof but also rust proof – meaning that Polyblend® can be truly used as an exterior building material.

Polyblend® has several major property advantages:

•             Minimal long-term maintenance costs

•             Environmentally friendly (a “green” building material) and uses little water

•             100% design integrity: instant color and mature growth

•             Limited eight year color fast guarantee and warranty

•             Tested for wind, weather and climate

•             Fixed, initial cost able to be amortized

The primary foliage line includes: Cypress, Juniper, Boxwood, Lirope, Sago palms, Mahonia, and assorted ivy plants. The floral line includes: Bromeliads, Bougainvillea, Geraniums and Gardenias. Plantworks will custom design items using Polyblend® products to client specifications of the project.

Polyblend® is Field Tested and Guaranteed

Plantworks has field tested Polyblend® material’s exterior uses on major commercial projects for over 20 years. Polyblend® has proven to be a sound exterior grade material and held colorfast in the most extreme conditions – from the harsh desert sun of Las Vegas to the cooler, rainy temperatures of Washington State.

Plantworks guarantees all specially manufactured Polyblend® exterior items using Polyblend® components colorfast for an eight-year period from the time of installation. Polyblend® material has proven to be color fast beyond this warranty with projects now over 10 years.

Original color and Plantworks Color Fast Warranty is limited to the original “True” color of the basic color of the component. The guarantee is limited to the cost of components only. This warranty does not cover shipping, installation, materials or removal of existing product. For more information, please contact Plantworks.

About Plantworks

The Plantworks designs, installs and specifies interior plantscapes for the gaming, hospitality, wholesale, retail and themed entertainment markets. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada in a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom and manufacturing facility. Quality, creativity and professionalism are the foundations of every Plantworks’ project. From hotels, casinos, resorts and themed entertainment to community centers, restaurants and private estates, The Plantworks provides only the highest quality of plants and accessories. The Company specializes in commercial grade, lifelike artificial foliage using artificial flowers, silk plants and trees – along with their specialized UV Rated Polyblend® exterior foliage, used for exterior plants. In addition, the Company specializes in authentic looking interior trees that use natural wood trunks while incorporating artificial components. From large artificial trees to decorative artificial flowers, The Plantworks is here to bring the beauty of outside indoors, for commercial and/or private use.

Podocarpus Tree

The podacarpus tree belongs to the family of confiers which are usually found in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They are evergreen trees which grow to huge heights of about 25 meters or more. They have rich verdant appearance with a cornucopia of green leaves throughout the year. They look very regal and majestic when used in parks, on the side of roads or even in the backyard as a center point to ones garden. But to grow the podocarpus tree takes a lot of time and can be very difficult in the North American region. So if you want to have some great looking majestic trees it might take you a long time and will need lot of attention and care from you.

In such a scenario the artificial podocarpus tree comes to the rescue. This silk topiary plant is carefully handcrafted and manufactured so that it looks very much similar to the natural podocarpus tree. This is possible because of the quality of the materials used in making the fake podocarpus tree. The leaves are made from the best quality silk suitably mixed with polyester to enhance the durability. The leaves are given the firm shape by the use of the right gauge of wire and the stems and the twigs use a higher gauge of wire. This is because as the podocarpus tree most often is used as an outdoor tree it needs to be sturdier than the other indoor plants. When kept outside it is susceptible to the environmental conditions. Hence the materials to make this artificial podocarpus tree are so carefully chosen. Also the leaves and the other surfaces are given a protective coating so as to provide them protection against the harmful ultra violet rays. These ultraviolet rays make the colors fade away, but thanks to the coating the colors last for a long time.  These trees can be used to border your hedges or as topiaries or even to decorate your indoors if you choose the smaller sized versions.

Now let us look at the different things we need to do so as to take care of these beautiful artificial trees. Usually the initial investment when it comes to the artificial trees and plants will be on the higher side. But if you consider the amount of water, fertilizers, effort and time that is required to actually grow the real plants and trees and compare the cost with the price for the artificial plants then you will realize that they are in fact priceless.

Though the amount of maintenance required for the artificial podocarpus tree or any other artificial plant or tree is way less compared to the real ones, this does not mean that they require no maintenance. One need not ensure that the plants are watered or pruned or check them for bugs etc but still there are certain things that we need to do so that our artificial plants and trees last for a very long time.

The first point to remember and care for is that the artificial plants and trees should be away from stoves and open flames. This is because though most often a fire retardant is coated on them, still the materials used for manufacturing the artificial trees and plants are highly combustible.  So it is better to take this precaution.

The artificial plants and trees are prone to collect grease and other spills. Hence it is a good idea to keep them far away from the cooking area. Once a layer of grease is formed it becomes difficult to clean the plant and the plant will look dirty.

It is also important to check if the artificial podocarpus tree that you have bought has been given a ultra violet ray protective coating. If it does not have the protective coating it is better to not place them in direct sunlight as the colors might fade away.  Also the synthetic materials used might get spoilt because of prolonged exposure to sun rays. As soon as you see dust collected on your artificial trees and plants it is important to remove the dust either by using a feather duster or by washing them gently with mild soap solution. You can do this exercise once in every six months.

Taking care of your artificial trees and plants will ensure that they will last long, so buy these beautiful green wonders and decorate your homes and offices.

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Podocarpus Tree

The Plantworks facility, built in 1997, was created especially to accommodate our 10,000-square-ft manufacturing operation, floral design studio, storage for our raw wood materials, and our Interior Landscape Design Center. Our inventory of artificial plants, trees, flowers, and floral vases and accessories are truly one of a kind. For more information, Visit Plantworks.


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Podocarpus Tree

Plantworks has manufactured its award-winning artificial plants and trees using domestically harvested natural wood and cane trunks. All wood comes from renewable materials, such as Bamboo. Bamboo and Curly Willow are harvested using environmentally safe methods. Manzanita Wood is harvested from national preserves with issued permits, which keep natural habitats and aid in ecology. For …


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